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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain

Over the last few decades, our lives have been changing due to technologies. By using some of the trending technologies like IoT, Big Data, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Machine learning etc. things are becoming easier and faster these days. In order to provide such amazing experience for you and your customers our team will design applications using these following trending technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the technology which is used to develop the machines which are alike humans i.e., having sensation and can work faster than the humans. It is used in gaming, marketing, voice recognition; robots are the instance of this. Machine learning is the technique we use to analyze data and make predictions. We include this technology in our applications. Now a day's every one concentrating on AI because its accuracy and efficiency. So Cuetin Prefers AI to their Clients to give accurate result.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the addition of the digital information like images, videos, audios to the existing reality present in front of us. It is not only building its way in the mobile applications but also in other fields like military, medical research, marketing, safety etc...This tells us how it is going to trend in the future and we are going to work on this technology. Augmented reality changes the way of using the present technologies. It is nothing but how creative and innovative we are.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is artificial reality which seems as if it is existing, through this we can view in all directions as like 3D view. There are lenses, various other gadgets and games through which we can experience the virtual reality. It takes the user into a kind of world where Immersion, Interaction are the main features without getting communicated with the real world, but the place and the surroundings look like the real one, we cannot distinguish the real and artificial world.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things

Basically, Internet of Things is a network which consists of physical objects like vehicles, devices, home appliances etc... That can be accessible through internet. Objects needs to be embedded with a sensor in order to connect with an Internet of Things Platform. By using IoT, we can extract most valuable information like detecting a popular item in online shopping sites, and we can even know the most popular areas in the showroom in which customers linger most etc..

Big Data

Big Data

The term Big data is evolved when our data size is increasing in peta bytes day by day. Big data can handle the data which is beyond the ability of traditional relational databases. It is the science of understanding and predicting human behavior by examining large volumes of unstructured data. The first and foremost step in big data is the integration of data from multiple resources and stores the data in well defined format and then analyzes the entire data.

Block Chain Technology

Block Chain Technologies

Block chain is the collection of records (blocks), which generates a cryptographic hash code for each record and each record holds the hash code of the previous record. Now-a-days it is one of the trending technologies. Digital currency (Bit coin) uses this technology. We can store each and every data of a particular transaction like date, time and we can know who has done the transaction on a particular time and moreover the records look like the nodes as it contain the hash code.